Data Ethics Committee

Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit has formed a Data Ethics Committee, ensuring transparency and ethical use of data, as it continues to lead the way in harnessing the power of analytics to support a public health approach to tackling serious violence.

The committee provides an independent expert advisory function, able to consider proposed new uses of data and the way it is analysed and shared, to inform decisions or action.

The role of the committee is not to make decisions, but recommendations. These recommendations will help the partner organisation that holds the data to make the final decision on its use.

To make its recommendations the committee will apply a range of ethical considerations including risks, benefits, confidentiality, equality and transparency.

The committee rotates the chairing of the meeting across its membership, which is made up of experts in the field of data science, academics specialising in data, ethics and philosophy, and members of the community.

The committee also provides transparency, by including community representatives and by the publication of new use cases, summaries of meetings and any recommendations made.

The Terms of Reference and an Ethical Framework are being finalised by members and will be published on this page shortly.

Membership of the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit Ethics Committee:

One of the advantages of the Committee is its flexible structure, with a set of core voting members but also the ability to bring new members with specific areas of expertise to aid consideration as necessary.

Core voting members include: