Data & targeting

All our work is underpinned by data-led and evidence-based approaches, ensuring we have the best understanding of where serious violence is taking place in our communities, the risk and causation factors and what protective measures we can put in place.

The Data & Targeting workstream has developed new approaches to using data, from the Serious Violence Dashboard to the development of the VRU’s Strategic Needs Assessment product.

A priority focus is the development of the first multi-agency data-sharing and analytical platform, called Thames Valley Together.

The team develop insights from data to drive activity which delivers upon the public health approach to tackling violence. For example, developing the Strategic Needs Assessment for the whole region,  to informing  specific tactical diversion projects and operational policing. 

To ensure a robust and proper use of data, the workstream coordinates the VRU Data Ethics Committee, in collaboration with the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford.

In addition the workstream oversees the evaluation of VRU-funded intervention activity and processes, to help assess what has had an impact in reducing serious violence and improving outcomes.

The workstream also works closely with a range of academic and research bodies to support cutting-edge research.

The Thames Valley VRU is the national lead VRU for Data, responsible for developing new approaches and sharing learning with others.

The effects of knife images on young people are set to be examined as part of a new partnership project involving Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit.

Working with Thames Valley Police’s Service Improvement Team, the Violence Reduction Unit have designed a new tool to help officers and staff tackle serious violence across the Thames Valley.