County Drug Lines & Misuse of Drugs

The illegal drug market and the harm and risk factors created by substance misuse are key drivers to serious violence in our communities. The evolving threat of the County Drug Lines model of operation is driving new levels of exploitation and trauma, particularly in children and vulnerable people.

The workstream has taken a focus on developing new safeguarding processes within the police to put protective actions in place around young people. It has delivered one of the first comprehensive diversion schemes to help those with drug misuse issues to access education and health support.

A key role is the coordination of partners across policing and local authority Public Health to respond to the health harms caused by substance misuse and to help break the cycle of drug use and crime.

Led by police officers, the workstream works closely with Thames Valley Police to support its efforts to take coordinated action against the networks of serious organised crime that are driving the drugs trade and associated violence.

The RAW Navigator Scheme offers children intensive one to one mentoring by a social worker to encourage and arrange positive alternative activities and access to additional support.

Thames Valley VRU have established Violence Reductions Networks, led by education partners to embed trauma informed practice in schools to make them more inclusive.