Strategic Needs Assessment

Each year the Violence Reduction Unit is tasked with creating a Strategic Needs Assessment (SNA). The SNA is designed to pull together evidence and insight to support those tackling violence across the Thames Valley.

This year we are pleased to launch our SNA, which takes a different form to those produced in previous years. Across a number of articles we will provide an introduction to the SNA process, a dive into our data on serious violence, and comments on what comes next, including setting our strategic research objectives for 2022/23.


Find out more about what our SNA is, why we wrote it, and why this year it looks a little different.


Read more about what the data says about serious violence across the Thames Valley, and how we can work together to reduce it.

A look at how we’ve used innovative techniques to tackle persistent hotspots of violence across the force.

What’s next?

Now you know what’s happening to serious violence, read about what our plans are for the year ahead, including where we will be focussing our data and research work.

Thames Valley Together is our combined data project which will change the way we share and use data across the Thames Valley.

Our research priorities for 2022/23 will inform our engagement with academic partners, and ensure we work to produce research that can directly inform our work to reduce violence across the Thames Valley.

Let us know what you think about this years SNA, and what else you’d like to see us produce analysis on throughout the year!


This year’s SNA was written by Owen Miller, with support from Nick Portnell, Tori Olphin, Tim Lowe, and Lewis Prescott-Mayling.

Last year’s SNA is available to read here: SNA-V1.1.pdf (