DIVERT Custody Intervention

DIVERT is a custody Intervention programme which is designed to reduce reoffending and has been funded by the TVP Violence Reduction Unit.

It is being delivered in the custody suites across Thames Valley by The New Era Foundation and the local football community trusts.  It aims to DIVERT young adults between 18-25 years away from crime.  The DIVERT custody Intervention coaches will be working within the custody suites but are not Police officers and all conversations are confidential and will not interfere with the Criminal Justice process.  They will not discuss the arrest of any the matters relating to a current investigation.  They are fully trained and ready to listen in a non judgemental way. 

DIVERT  is totally voluntary for the young adult.  The coaches will meet the young adult whilst in custody and seek to start a conversation and get some meaningful engagement and then if the young adult chooses to, they will meet again in the community, completing a needs assessment and seeking to get  some effective interventions in place which could include employment, education and training to make some positive changes in their lives.

DIVERT is successfully embedded in custody suites across the Thames Valley and the following colleagues are now in post and working directly with young people:

  • Joshua Wilson working in Abingdon and Banbury custody suites with Oxford United in the Community – Joshua.Wilson@Divert-Partnership.com
  • Gavin James working in Aylesbury custody with Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust – Gavin.James@Divert-Partnership.com
  • Paul Dunkley working in Milton Keynes custody with MK Dons Sports and Education Trust – Paul.Dunkley@Divert-Partnership.com
  • Lyden Roberts working in Lodden Valley and Maidenhead custody suites with Reading FC Community Trust – Lyden.TV@Divert-Partnership.com

DIVERT aims to make a long-term impact on the lives on the individuals they work with in custody. Here is what one individual had to say about their experience of the scheme:

I am grateful for the DIVERT group, honestly working with Lyden has helped me find opportunities, he would talk to me about different help I could find and other paths I could explore, he has helped me look for different educational paths and then helped me find a job, I enjoyed working with DIVERT and Lyden since he would talk to me about different things going on in my life. He would listen to what I was saying and give constructive feedback to what I was saying. I will keep up this positive change and am so happy I am now making an honest living.  

Thank you Lyden and DIVERT. 

To find out more about DIVERT, see information for persons in custody, and information for professionals.