Tackling serious violence is not only the responsibility of the police. It requires the involvement of  the widest range of partners across different sectors, working together effectively through their local structures.

But also, at the heart of our work are the communities we serve across the Thames Valley. We work to ensure that our communities are engaged and involved and can play an active role in supporting  efforts to improve safety.

The workstream seeks to build capacity within local communities, community groups and the wider voluntary sector to bring additional capability to tackle violence.

The Communities & Partnerships workstream has built the VRU’s governance and operating model, through which partners are engaged, provided with strategic oversight and tactical coordination to support local delivery.

Community representation is achieved across VRU boards and structures, to support their involvement and influence over the programme of work.  In particular, a focus on young people and giving them a voice.

Marking the Day of Hope 2022, we look back on hosting the very first Hope Hack event in March earlier this year.

Graham Helm of StreetGames UK discusses the new partnership with the VRU, its work to better understand the level of provision of sport for those vulnerable to crime and the power of sport to change lives.