In Buckinghamshire, we are working closely with the local Community Safety Partnership, which is called the Safer Buckinghamshire Board.

The Board oversees the delivery of the Safer Buckinghamshire Plan, which is available on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

The Board is supported by the Safer Buckinghamshire Co-ordinating group, working across all local partners.

Tackling serious violence and its root causes is a priority for the Buckinghamshire partners, who are working together and with the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit to develop and implement the Buckinghamshire Violence Reduction Plan.

Safer Buckinghampshire is represented at both the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit Strategy Board and Operational Board and are a core member of the wider violence reduction partnership. Through this, the VRU can support and coordinate violence reduction activity being delivered by partners in Buckinghamshire and across the wider Thames Valley.

The Safer Buckinghamshire Plan is available on the Buckinghamshire County Council website.

Thames Valley VRU have established Violence Reductions Networks, led by education partners to embed trauma informed practice in schools to make them more inclusive.

Thames Valley VRU are working with the PSHE Association and NPCC to produce quality assured PSHE resources for schools on key topics such as Substance Use and Violence.

The VRU working with Criminal Justice, Oxfordshire Children Social Care and the Youth Justice Service are piloting a new process to ensure effective information sharing when a young person has been arrested

DIVERT is a custody Intervention programme which is designed to reduce reoffending and has been funded by the TVP Violence Reduction Unit.

Intensive Engagement or I.E, are currently working alongside the Violence Reduction Unit…

The effects of knife images on young people are set to be examined as part of a new partnership project involving Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit.

Working with Thames Valley Police’s Service Improvement Team, the Violence Reduction Unit have designed a new tool to help officers and staff tackle serious violence across the Thames Valley.

Operation Prelude is a focused deterrence programme, using the principles of problem solving, it is designed to focus activity on those individuals presenting the greatest risk to local communities and divert them away from offending.

A key priority of the Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit’s strategy to reduce violence is to ensure those who commit violence are effectively brought to justice. In order to support this priority, the Violence Reduction Unit have initiated Op Rebus

New Leaf, offer face-to-face mentoring programme which aims to support to young people that are at risk of exclusion and/or are currently within the criminal justice system.

The VRU have identified five hotspot hospitals across the Thames Valley Area and are working with those hospitals to set up hospital navigators utilising local providers who understand the needs of the local people