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We are working to reduce serious violence for all of the 2.4 million people who live in the Thames Valley, and the 6 million people who visit every year.

We work across all twelve local policing areas, nine local authorities and multiple district councils.

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Who we are

We are a group of professionals working closely with the community to address the causes and effects of serious violence. Drawn from policing, education, social care and health, we work together to share our learning and ensure our activities are informed by the communities we are working to protect.

What we do

We work across several strands, with activity helping to prevent individuals from becoming involved in serious violence, and ensuring our response is working to prevent further violence from occurring.


Find out more about the resources we have developed to help teachers, community safety practitioners and community leaders to work with us to reduce violence and prevent harm, from early years to custody.

The National Youth Agency Safeguarding and Risk Management Hub (The Hub) is a freely accessible online resource providing guidance, support, advice and access to training resources in relation to safeguarding and risk management for organisations and individuals working with young people.

A Violence Reduction Network (VRN) is a multi-agency forum and action group committed to reducing violence in our local community. The primary aim is to establish a series of trauma informed schools within the network to act as the corner stone for further problem solving activity in the area. The network will share good practice, identify common problems and design local solutions.

We recognise that substance use and other addictions affect the user as well as their loved ones, families and friends. We work closely with trusted statutory partners and charities that are able to provide support, especially whilst we are all affected by the impact of Coronavirus.


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